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Leon mann cooper (Leon Cooperman) asset management company, LC capital is a home office management of the assets of its founder, Leon. Cooper, and qualified employees. LC main Yu Quanquan entrust a long/short equity investment capital, making quantitative and macro investment significantly. Company headquarters is located in Stamford, Connecticut and stay in New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore offices subordinate. LC capital has about 1000 employees, including more than 350 investment professionals a world-class team.

Leon mann cooper, hedge-fund giant, omega consultant company boss. In the United States for the hedge-fund industry, Leon mann cooper (Leon Cooperman) enjoy the reputation of "the legendary investor". He founded in 1991 hedge funds - Omega Advisors (Omega Advisors), has worked with Julian Robertson's tiger funds, George soros's quantum funds and meriwether of long-term capital management, said the four big hedge funds.

Cooper, grew up in the south Bronx in New York, is just the beginning of the work in 1965 xerox quality control engineers. After receive the MBA degree from Columbia University, Mr Cooper joined Goldman sachs, have been done, head of asset management department. In 1991, he founded his own fund management companies, omega with $6 billion under management. His "Leon and toby cooper," family foundation has about $150 million in assets. Cooper, capital management company recently Mr Cooper will be $20 million worth of life insurance funds given to the jewish community. Some of his other major charitable objects include: Columbia business school, calls the joint organization and medical center in New Jersey performing arts center, barnabas and Paul Tudor Jones, Robin Hood foundation.

Hedge-fund giant, omega consultant company boss Leon mann cooper is the investment of heart sutra "run counter to the public," cooper is always good on value in grossly undervalued stock for gold in the pool, its hedge fund since its inception in 1991, has set an annual yield of 13%. Youth and resolutely abandoned medicine from the cooper, feel most investment to record is: "with the investment of enthusiasm for the cause of".