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The hedge funds to increase energy consumption reduce its information

In the third quarter, the top 50 hedge funds to increase consumption the pharmaceutical industry, and reduce the energy stocks; Hedge funds for configuration of information technology decreases, and is especially significant holdings of the company.

Hedge fund allocation for PayPal and amazon's most valuable company, holds a value of $3.2 billion.

China fund news reporter Yao Bo

Disclosed three quarterly reports, the top 50 hedge fund positions to the surface. In the third quarter, hedge funds to increase consumption the pharmaceutical industry, and reduce the energy stocks; Hedge funds for configuration of information technology decreases, and is especially significant holdings of the company.

Optional consumption instead of information technology

As the most popular industry

FactSet analysis, according to a report by the end of the third quarter of this year, the top 50 is the heaviest industry is still in the hedge fund positions optional consumption, accounting for more than 17.7%; In information technology configuration ratio is 17.1%. However, and in the second quarter, optional consumption just replaced the information technology, become the most favored us hedge fund industry.

In the third quarter, hedge funds to increase consumer industries in large scale, the growth rate is 1.1%; But the biggest underweight object is energy stocks. According to the MSCI global industry classification, compared with the industry weights in the s&p 500, former us 50 hedge funds with the former two industries is optional and raw material consumption, super match index weight 4.6% and 4.6% respectively; Low with industries including finance, and information technology, the configuration proportion were 3.9% and 3.3% respectively.

If from the perspective of the market value of the configuration, hedge funds to buy the highest value for PayPal and amazon, held by both market capitalization of $3.2 billion.

Online payment PayPal most investment company bosses Carl icahn's favor. In July, PayPal was isolated from its parent, referred to as "corporate raider Carl icahn in the third quarter eBay all its holdings of shares converted into PayPal, as of the end of the third quarter held 4.62 million shares of PayPal.

Amazon mainly by the global tiger fund to increase, the increasing amount of the fund's third quarter to $1.3 billion. In addition, by hedge funds to increase the top stocks also includes Baxter international pharmaceutical company, al pharmaceuticals, mention tile million zi international pharmaceutical and food company.

At the same time, information technology and energy stocks were hedge fund holdings. AT&T sold 3.2 billion in the third quarter, apple sold $1.2 billion, hedge funds to apple's configuration in a low level in recent years. Hedge fund holdings company include Google's parent Alphabet, warren buffett's Berkshire hathaway and oil company exxon mobil.

Buffett IBM and energy companies to increase the investment guru buffett's stake is always the focus of the market. Quarterly results showed that in the third quarter buffett to buy 593 million shares of AT&T, market capitalization of about $1.93 billion, to buy and hold 61 million shares of Philip, 66. In addition, he also bought a hedge fund is not very optimistic about the IBM and Canada's largest energy company, energy, IBM and RSC energy 81 million shares and 30 million shares. At the same time, buffett or food company Kraft Heinz large shareholders; For long-term holding Coca Cola, Wells Fargo, buffett didn't change position.

From the perspective of the company of buffett underweight, Goldman's position from the second quarter of 12.6 million shares to 10.9 million shares, holding a wal-mart positions reduced from 60.4 million strands to 60.4 million strands, and buffett will be held in the second quarter of 5.6 million shares of media company viacom clearance.

In August of this year, buffett paid $37.2 billion for energy equipment manufacturers of precision machine, it is also a Berkshire hathaway company's biggest ever acquisition. Market participants believe that reduction of buffett is part of the stock is provide cash for the purchase.

It is worth noting that most hedge funds underweight technology company in the third quarter and oil and other energy companies, Mr Buffett's operation is obviously contrary to mainstream hedge fund investment trends. However, Mr Buffett's Berkshire hathaway was met by hedge fund holdings.

Soros preferred network company

Daniel gallons pharmaceutical companies

In the third quarter, soros ing gas company Chesapeake energy, and the newly bought amazon, travel branch, video streaming Netflix, etc. Of positions of the company include health care products company herbalife, Alcoa and united continental and walter international pharmaceutical.

Hedge fund Third Point, the CEO of Daniel Loeb, the increase in the Third quarter pharmaceutical company Baxter, increase its proportion reached 10 times, become the company's largest holders. By the end of the third quarter, the company holds 53.8 million shares of Baxter international, worth about $1.7 billion.

For active investor, Loeb tend to obtain a seat on the board after the company acquired a large stake, and make a request in such as move to stimulate the stock price, and Baxter in archives mouths need to replace the CEO, to the market a lot of reverie.

Valiant pharmaceutical and photovoltaic power generation into a nightmare

In the third quarter, pharmaceutical companies valiant become nightmare many hedge funds. Pershing square capital CEO bill ackman. The company large holdings is referred to as "the pharmaceutical industry in" the valiant, cause its share price fell to $263 in August from $91 last week. In the third quarter, he didn't sell shares held by the company.

Another hedge fund manager Omega Advisors, Leon, the founder of the cooper, even in the third quarter increased their valiant, holds a value of $86.5 million, but later said he has all the clearance.

Hedge fund manager David Einhorn of greenlight capital poor performance this year, when it bought an apple, general motors, consol energy, and photovoltaic power generation provider, aggressively reduce storehouse and chip maker micron technology. As of October, greenlight has accumulated losses of more than 16%, the company disclosed losses mainly come from SunEdison and beauty light science and technology, two stocks decline more than 50% in the third quarter.

It is understood that the quarterly general within 45 days after the disclosure in the quarter, the assets under management of more than $one hundred million companies to disclose the relevant information to the securities regulatory agency.