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U.S. stocks Internet companies in the doghouse Mr. Buffett on the apple

Since the middle of April, by the performance growth concerns, apple (AAPL) O) shares tumbled, shares dropped nearly 17% in a month. Someone is bad also some people look at, however, buffett is one of them.

The securities and exchange commission (hereinafter referred to as "SEC"), according to documents of buffett's Berkshire hathaway at the end of the first quarter of 2016 spent billions of dollars to buy apple stock. Renowned investor Carl icahn, announced in April 28th, for apple products in China sales growth concerns, will hand over all the stock is sold. At the same time led by David tepper, billionaire hedge fund Appaloosa Management also emptied all of apple's position.

Buffett first favour apple in warren buffett's Berkshire hathaway revealed that, in the first quarter has acquired more than 9.8 million shares of apple stock, apple shares in the weeks after a rise. It is important to note that almost at the same time, the activist investor Carl icahn and hedge guru David tepper have put the apple shares held by the dumped apple, this is the first time the Berkshire investment buffett bought, to about $109 a share price total investment of about $1.1 billion. According to the latest report of 13 f documents show that this is only an investment in the first quarter, Berkshire's month so among the second "apple investors" 1 quarter of 2016.

By the New York time on May 17, close, apple shares edged back 0.42% to $93.49 a day earlier, significantly lower than Berkshire purchased the price per share. Since July 2015, the company's share price has been run lose the s&p 500, last week is to set a new 52-week lows, so Google company brief return to the position of the world's number one. Two companies within a fierce battle, although accidentally fall last week, apple on Monday again to retake the market value of the title of king.


Bank of America and Goldman sachs, respectively, with 7.86 million shares and 7.493 million shares in quarter apple's big pay for the third and fourth.

Prominent hedge fund founder David einhorn of greenlight capital also adjusted the apple stock holding positions. , according to the SEC disclosure latest 13 f file greenlight 2016 1 quarter holds 8.213 million shares in apple, from last year's 6.2847 million shares held by the fourth quarter to disclose its nearly 1.9283 million shares, one of the top 20 in the first quarter increase agency list.

The SEC documents also show that is called the "legendary investor" Leon mann cooper omega advisors fund, in the first quarter again buy into apple shares worth $25 million.

The company has always been the darling of the hedge funds, however, take no one hundred days red, according to the SEC filings, let companies fearsome billionaire investor Carl icahn has in the first quarter of this year will be over about 45.76 million shares held by apple's stock is selling. Large number of deals to sell Carl occupy 2016 1 quarter apple stock selling list, is in second place susquehanna international group selling shares (25.965 million) is about 1.76 times.

Hedge croc, however, to the technology giant sell-off is not alone, according to the SEC, according to documents released hedge fund mogul David tepper once holds 1.25 million shares of apple, market capitalization of about $133 million, now have been dumped. Quarter tiger fund) to sell apple about 4.943 million shares, bridgewater to sell 227000 shares.

In the face of a barrage of positions and clearance of the amazing transformation, soon will "fall from grace" passion for apple, I don't know. According to Goldman sachs, since August 2015, 833 hedge funds of the communist party of China 146 will be the heaviest apple in a portfolio holdings, apple and so on Goldman sachs to set up "the most popular with the fund shares" won the second in the list.

Apple Iphone performance slowdown, however, in the first quarter of 2016 reported sales and earnings are disappointing, which shares all the way down, on May 12, New York time below the $90 mark, a new low since June 2014.

Bloomberg data show that although the long-short fierce confrontation, both of the armies in the first quarter of the top 20 "air force bosses" sell quantity is much better than more. Business Insider said in a commentary, in fact, the company has lost its place as the world's most valuable company.


(source: Bloomberg)

Internet companies in the doghouse

In the first quarter, according to the bosses seem to lack of interest in Internet technology company.

Data show that Berkshire's quarter in addition to buying apple, David Tepper fund path of asset management companies buy the beleaguered pharmaceutical company Valeant, a total of 945000 shares, the market value of about $2.48 billion during the first quarter of this year. According to the file content, Tepper aggressively, in the first quarter to buy 1.6 million shares of Facebook, and 6.9 million shares of bank of America.

Although in the past few years Berkshire has been gradually increasing in IBM's position, but its investment in the technology company has been very careful. After buying 200000 IBM stock gradually, Berkshire holds the IBM has a market value of about $12.3 billion. Buying an apple is Berkshire so far only two categories of science and technology investment, phil said, now will also consider to support a consortium of investors bid for yahoo's core assets.

Buffett's conservative attitude towards science and technology company has been no secret, he said, what you don't understand science and technology, and argues that technology company, it is difficult to defend their competitive advantage. On the contrary, he likes to insurance company, industry, finance, and Coca-Cola kind of well-known brands.

According to the SEC released the latest data show that Berkshire besides buying apple shares in the first quarter, there are other feats. Wells Fargo shares held by the company in the first quarter of 2016 to intact, the Coca-Cola company stock adjusted slightly, slightly to sell 30000 shares; Will hand over 46.577 million shares held by AT&T company is selling.

Carl icahn, except selling apples also Paypal1844.3 held by selling shares, accounting for 32.8% of the company's total holdings of the stock.

Each tiger fund disclosed in the first quarter, according to fund to amazon and jingdong underweight, amazon position to reduce 2.151 million shares, down 67.4% compared with the fourth quarter of 2015 of 3.193 million shares positions; Reduce jingdong 15.61 million shares, down 26.2% compared with 2015 in the fourth quarter of 59.615 million positions.