Mode of investment

Emerging market debt


Government or a company in emerging markets (in $and local currency) issued, the bonds provide a greater return on investment potential, and improve their ability of income and output

The customer.

Seek our emerging market debt strategy by developing a global view in emerging markets, in order to form investing in emerging markets the investment analysis of government or a company of each country in the universe (in $and local currency), in order to maximize returns. Nick GARTSIDE

International chief information officer, global fixed income

The British

5 years with

J.. Morgan 20 years

The industry of

Nicholas is a global international CIO fixed income, fixed income products more industry united manager, and as a monetary policy committee investment. His experience including Schroder investment management and Mercury asset management companies, merrill lynch. Nick won by durham university and a bachelor's degree in master of philosophy in history and political science. At the university of Cambridge international relations. Nick is a chartered financial analyst and investment professionals association held by the British investment management certificate.

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