Mode of investment

Investment principle and planning

As a financial investor, does not seek to control the invested enterprise.

As a responsible investor, strictly abide by the country and recipient countries or regions of the relevant laws and regulations, and actively fulfill the corporate social responsibility.

Investment activities to study and asset allocation for drive, aimed at the steady and prudent investment decision, rigorous, regulate investment activities.

Based on the understanding of their own characteristics and investment management, fund companies adhere to the following investment philosophy:

From the perspective of the total portfolio investment strategy, carry out asset allocation and portfolio analysis, portfolio management, ensure the integrity of the total portfolio, discipline and robustness.

Adhere to the concept of long-term investment, long-term investors on short-term market volatility risk bearing ability strong advantage, access to the liquidity premium.

Adhere to the concept of risk diversification, through diversification in the various risk factors, reduce volatility, control combination downside risk.

Investment planning: since its inception, LC capital company set up a scientific, rigorous and effective investment decision-making system. LC capital after the establishment, the company has made the corresponding adjustment of the overseas investment management architecture, LC in the capital is mainly responsible for stocks, bonds, hedge funds, real estate investment, private equity investment trust, and extensive industry with cast and a minority stake in financial investment; LC capital mainly carry out foreign direct investment and multilateral platform and fund management. On this basis, set up the LC capital investment decision committee (hereinafter referred to as the "LC capital management company") and omega investment and management committee (hereinafter referred to as the "LC capital tube"), investment decision-making, respectively. At the same time, in order to further improve the efficiency and quality of investment decision, the clear relationship between project management responsibilities, LC capital firms also lifted the corresponding investment decisions authorization scheme.

LC capital international investment committee and omega cast pipe respectively in accordance with the guidelines set in the company's board of directors and the board, investment strategy and policy, performance and risk, and the corresponding modification or develop their investment management system and process. LC capital investment committee and omega cast tube regularly held a meeting (or temporary) according to need investment proposals by related investment department, make investment decisions independently. LC capital investment committee and omega cast tube will be decided by the corresponding executive layer, and the team to organize the implementation of investment department

Product details

Investment principles: the development of our goal is to build a solid, professional, responsible and reputable international large institutional investors, investment activities in accordance with the following basic principles:

Investment activities based on business purpose, goal is within an acceptable risk to maximize shareholder's equity.



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