Mode of investment


We stand for the customer is very simple:

We are laser focus on high quality to provide liquidity: closer offer price, executive price, in the customer inquiry, fast response time, reliable all appear on the screen of the market, to reduce market impact and around customer flow discretion.

The innovation of technology and system.

As one of the world's largest fixed income class marketmakers, we combine our leading technology and quantitative risk management strength with us in hedging, the unparalleled operational efficiency and cost structure, with deep, consistent tension liquidity and pricing to our customers.

Our unique as a top player in key markets through electronic trading venues, and based on the voice big deals.

Product details

Provide excellent value for investors:

Our world-class technology, the remarkable quantitative DNA and strong risk management culture in its unique position in the American market innovation and scale can improve the structure of the market competition history.

The best

1. The nominal ranking bloomberg irs, shooting, the number of transactions, the response time.

The best

2. The S&P 500 index ranked in the CME electronic miniature, the 10-year note that 30 yr Treasury futures and the United States.

The best

3. The ranking in Treasury/Brokertec 3 eSpeed company.


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