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Combination of architecture: the company will build a combination of simple, transparent and resilient as overseas investment priority, continuously optimize asset allocation and portfolio management. In 2015, over the past few years practice, and based on the experience of the trade organization, LC capital management introduced the international Reference Portfolio (the Reference Portfolio) configuration mode, the configuration framework by the "strategic configuration - policy mix - tactical configuration - the actual combination", to "Reference Portfolio - three years policy mix - the annual policy mix - the actual combination", provides the combination build more clear guidance. The reference portfolio as anchor, portfolio risk neutral, and as a long-term relative performance benchmark; Three years policy combination as actual neutral combination, asset substitution and combination building direction; Annual policy combination as an execution plan, the combination of both market driven view deviation and alternative asset investment progress, doing moderate deviation, forming combination build targets. LC international capital management is also controlled by portfolio rebalancing mechanism for market fluctuations caused by the actual combination and the deviation of policy combination, guarantee the contrarian discipline, maintain the total portfolio risk and return characteristics. Capital management configuration mode, LC international portfolio rebalancing mechanism was improved and the corresponding architecture in order to ensure the new configuration smoothly.

LC capital management in the global scope for investment, asset classes, including open market equities, fixed income, absolute return, long-term assets, and cash. Among them, the open market stock refers to the equity of listed companies; Fixed income including Treasury bonds, corporate bonds and other debt products; Absolute return including hedge funds, asset, etc.; Long-term assets include extensive direct investment industry, industry/commodity, real estate private equity funds, resources, and infrastructure, etc.; Products include cash, cash overnight deposits, Treasury bonds in the short and long period.

In early 2016, the board of directors decided to investment appraisal cycle extended to 10 years, the rolling annualised return as one of the important indices for evaluating investment performance.

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Risk management: the goal of our risk management is through the establishment of effective risk management policy, system, systems and processes, to ensure that the investment activities within the scope of acceptable risk and orderly operation, maximize shareholders' equity.

We advocate the comprehensive risk management, risk management activities cover all departments and positions, runs through each stage after he, shooting, before the shot, involving, asset categories, total portfolio investment strategy/strategies and so on each level.

For investment activities in the market, credit, operational, liquidity, strategy, legal, reputation, and countries all sorts of risks, such as cic including the executive committee, risk management committee and the relevant departments, comprehensive risk management system, the risk classification and comprehensive management.

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