Operating system

Matthew Granade is LC capital management, a chief market intelligence officials. Research market intelligence information - from the seller's proprietary data assets - with LC capital investment team to support their investment and management of internal and external data sources, to maximize returns for the company. Mr Granade also oversees LC capital risk investment companies, led by Peter casella venture capital shares, funds, to help develop financial technology, asset management companies.

In LC capital, Mr Granade co-founded Domino data laboratory, in a wide range of industry data scientists platform, to speed up their work and strengthen cooperation. Before starting the Domino, Mr Granade bridge as a research department, co-head of walter association, where he established and insight into the development of the global economy of leadership team, capture alpha has created a new system, to provide daily trading signals, and comment bridge walter's market, daily observation. Early in his career, Mr Granade at McKinsey, a consultancy, project manager. Mr Granade won his AB from harvard college, where he served as President of the harvard crimson, harvard business school, where he was George baker scholar's MBA degree. He also served as a Domino data laboratory, the company and Quantopian directors of the company.