development history

Leon mann cooper was founded in 1991 hedge funds - Omega Advisors (Omega Advisors), has worked with Julian Robertson's tiger funds, George soros's quantum funds and meriwether of long-term capital management, said the four big hedge funds. With other three companies strong "star" and widely circulated, compared to the classic case of cooper, seem to be some low, however, remained high steady gains over a longer time span is the key to he was known as the "legend".

When long-term capital by Russian financial storm in 1998 fall, tiger fund and collapse due to unsustainable before the bubble burst, cooper and his omega advisors before reefs rapids miraculously survive, yet still energetic.

Over the past 20 years, Mr Cooper won the annualized yield of 16%, higher than the same period the s&p 500 index 10% annual growth, and in just the past 2010 years, he has won 24% of the net rate of return. Omega advisors from the initial $450 million in development also become a company with $6 billion of assets under management, the staff collective participation international large hedge funds.

Buy any stock at good price

And industry of the prestigious Richard Perry (Richard Perry), Eddie Lampert (Eddie Lampert) and Daniel, (Daniel Och), cooper, success has also benefited from growth at Goldman cradle the best hedge funds.

As early as in 1967, Mr Cooper, 24, and gradually entered the Goldman sachs investment research department. He has 9 years in a row was rated as the best portfolio investment strategist, was promoted to partner for performance is excellent, as investment policy committee chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and stock selection, chairman of the committee. In 1989, he became chairman and chief investment officer of Goldman sachs asset management, management including open-end Fund and Goldman sachs Capital Growth Fund (GS Capital Growth Fund), the whole Goldman's stake in product line.

Life as many people think that 25 years of Goldman sachs, cooper has accumulated a set of unique investment strategy, but Mr Cooper's answer is very simple. He is a typical driven for value investors, investment theory is derived from a generation of master of value investing Roger Murray (Roger Murray). , he thought, there can be no perfect efficient market, so the intrinsic value of a company and its market value is different, which makes it possible to find out the intrinsic value undervalued stocks.

Starting in 2009, Mr Cooper is firmly believe that confidence in the market will recover in a few years, the economy and corporate earnings will be stable, so a good time to invest in stocks. Based on the point of view, his earnings in 2009 ~ 2010, a focus on its flagship fund gained 54% in the us stock market earnings yield.

By 2013, the hedge fund Third Point holdings company, American international group and gold for yahoo, activist investor status and murphy oil company. Hedge funds are the biggest winner by collapse in the housing crisis of mortgage securities investment profit, according to HSBC, according to data from the pine river capital management, because the two funds holding these bonds, in 2012, got 30% of the return on investment. Leon mann cooper's fund in 2012, got 26% of the return on investment, in 2013 he qualcomm and Google company stock.