Cooper, and the "American dream"

Lucrative hedge fund industry is enough to change the fate of a person, so also for cooper, a poor, the industry achievement of his "American dream".

On April 25, 1943, Mr Cooper was born in New York City's poorest South Bronx (South Bronx) is a new immigrant family, father is a plumber low income. Since childhood, Mr Cooper thinks his IQ is not high, so must be hard to fill "disadvantage".

After graduating from high school, cooper, was admitted to Hunter College (Hunter College), become the whole family the first person to enter the palace of higher education. After graduating from college, he became the copier maker Xerox (Xerox) a quality control engineer. But shortly thereafter, the university period is initiation of interest in the stock investment prompted him to give up the job, enter Columbia University study for a master's degree in business administration.

Was graduated in 1967, Goldman sachs gave and saddled with student loan cooper, a chance. Cooper, then back to the Goldman sachs 25 years of youth. Goldman, of course, the platform for the cooper's achievements have laid a solid foundation in the future.

Cooper, always believe that lucky only visit those efforts, and the harder the more fortunate, in fact, he did. According to the latest Forbes global rich list in 2011, Mr Cooper is worth $1.8 billion, ranked 692th.

As the "American dream" the success of the practitioners, cooper, always think themselves as feedback social moral obligation. In Bill Gates and warren buffett's "naked" donation initiative, cooper said after the death of all his fortune to charity. He expressed the hope that to the best of his own strength to make more children and families with the "American dream" come true.

In addition, the cooper, donations to charity organizations has amounted to $43 million, at the same time also for various charities "tailored" investment strategy, for example, he is crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis the fund trustee, Damon runyon cancer research foundation trustee board directors and saint barnabas hospital, etc.

In addition to keen to public welfare undertakings, Mr Cooper was a member of the President George w. bush and John McCain campaign committee.

At present, in nearly septuagenarian cooper Short mountain man living in New Jersey (about). He was with Toby (Toby) for teacher's wife had two sons, were Wayne (Wayne) and mark (mark), that Wayne has to follow his father into the hedge fund industry, was established in 1995 bolt asset Management company (Cobalt Capital Management), and the performance is as good as his father.