High touch transaction

Our sales and will provide high touch, advice and service client needs to make their portfolio.

Our professional team provides real-time insight, to help shape the execution strategy. We actively monitor the capital market, looking for liquidity and news pocket, may need to change the strategy. Integration with the rest of the Goldman sachs network also provides a client to access the company's sector big deals and professional insight into the price discovery.

GSET client can be executed from the main management system (EMS), through the FIX/order management system (OMS) platform to access our product suite in the world.

GSET understands, FIX the connection of a component of electronic products. We have a special resources, in order to solve the needs of our customers, to create a truly comprehensive product. GSET pole every area of our business, to provide clients with creative and full of seamless interaction between solution based on FIX.

Through multiple workflow products electronic trading around the world

Stocks: single strand and programmatic transaction through SOR, algorithm and high contact channel

Futures: by DMA trophies and spreads, the algorithm and high contact channel

Options: contract and complicated strategy by DMA, algorithm and high contact channel

Synthetic fiber: by SOR contracts for differences and swaps, algorithm and high contact channel

And all of the major EMS/OMS platform seamless integration of FIX

Through FIX distribution before and after trading

Other advantages

EMS/OMS workflow and implementation of consulting

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Efficient authentication and global coordination work

Global mission control: active monitoring and support