Return, no constraint

Our method provides a dynamic approach to fixed-income investments.

Absolute return: based on a disciplined, relative to the value orientation, the process of risk control

Relative: looking across traditional and alternative market and its available liquidity, investors a regime through a variety of bonds yield ability

Our method sought by increasing the value of the investment:

Feats: according to the local department experts and investment team

Research direction: fundamental, quantitative and technical research and development

Risk allocation: use strict, orderly and irrelevant portfolio construction process

Stable value

Stable value bonds strategy is mainly in the defined contribution plan provides a conservative investment options. These policies apply to seek not cash or for those who want to keep a relatively moderate risk investors a higher yield. They also apply to fixed income investors who seek more than in the field of diversification strategy focused on the income.

Investment grade credit

Through higher quality companies, investment grade corporate bonds can help customers improve the potential of the portfolio returns and revenue targets of higher level.

Our investment grade enterprise strategic pursue profit maximization and the target through the use of a higher quality of company bonds issued by the higher levels of income.

The opportunities provided by the money market investors, produce excess earnings rate from sports. They also make investors to control some of the risks inherent in the transnational investment and liabilities. Solution of the global leaders.

Global leadership

LC capital management is for complex global leader in the global investors' money management solutions.

Monetary solution

Our currency team strives to provide solutions for all kinds of customers. We have established through innovation and constant self assessment monetary industry to provide long-term tracking performance. This includes the use of advanced passive management technology, large and active management of emerging market currencies and currency as an alternative investment risk control.